All sluice gates of Koshi barrage opened

Biratnagar / All the 56 sluice gates of the barrage at Saptakoshi river have been opened. All the gates were opened today after the water current and level rose to alarming situation following incessant rain, the barrage police post office Chief Iswar Dahal said.

The barrage with a capacity for 800,000 cusec water is now letting pass water at 290,00 cusec. It was 318,650 cusec on Saturday.

Technicians have been mobilized round-the-clock to work on the sluice gates and also to keep the barrage and the embankment safe. It may be noted that an embankment on the Nepali side of the river had been damaged a decade ago, causing large damage to life and property in both Nepal and India, Dahal said.

Meanwhile, Pradesh Pramukh of State No. 1 Prof Dr Govinda Bahadur Tumbahang has appealed to all to support the flood survivors, while expressing sorrow over the damage caused to life and property due to incessant rainfall since the past few days.

Issuing a statement here Saturday, Head of the State no. 1 Dr Tumbahang has urged all sides concerned to provide immediate relief and support to the survivors. Stating that the hilly part of the state has suffered landslides and the plain water loggins, he has also suggested one and one to maintain high alertness.

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