‘Chhori-Buhari scholarship’ to girl students of Karnali

Surkhet/In a bid to enhance women’s access to technical education, the Karnali province government has initiated scholarship programmes on different genres.The Ministry of Social Development has brought into operation the ‘Chhori-Buhari Scholarship’ scheme through this fiscal year’s budget programme targeting the daughters and daughter-in-laws. In doing so, the province government has planned to make a budgetary investment of Rs 15 million.According to Bishnu Prasad Adhikari, chief of education division at the ministry, the ‘Chhori-Buhari scholarship’ would be offered to 100 girl students having pursuit of vocational and technical education at three-year Bachelor’s and Intermediate level.

“Graduates from government schools and local residents of Karnali province would be eligible for the scholarship’, he shared. It would help girl students belonging to poor families survive their life independently through technical education, he added.Likewise, Directorate of Education Development under the Ministry is planning to spend Rs 30 million in other six areas, including Chhori-Buhari scholarship.A process has started to provide higher-education scholarships to genuine students under technical genre, student with disability, Dalit students and siblings of those who obtained martyrdom in course of establishing Karnali province.

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