11 schools operating without licence

Salyan, April 24: As many as 11 schools are operating in the district without licence.

The primary level schools and private schools in various parts of the district are running without permission, District Education Office (DEO), Salyan said.

According to the DEO, the students enrolled at such schools will not have valid qualifications. “They do not abide by the process required for operating a school, and a trend of seeking permission for lower classes to operate higher classes is being witnessed. We have taken up special effort to stop this,” District Education Officer, Devi Prasad Subedi said.

Subedi added that instructions have been issued to shutdown the schools without licence within 15 days. A total of 18 private schools are operating higher classes by seeking license to run lower classes.

The Education Office has stated that the license of such schools operating classes without permission will be revoked.

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