Minister Thapa donates his first month’s salary to oncology fund

Kathmandu, Nov 22: Health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has donated the amgagan thapaount tantamount to his salary of first month to the oncology fund set up in Kanti Children’s Hospital to provide monetary aid to poorest children suffering from cancer. Minister Thapa stuck to his announcement to provide donation to the fund to help in the treatment of children suffering from cancer during his first visit to the hospital as part of his monitoring of hospitals, following his election as the minister. The donation amount was handed over on Monday amid a programme, said his private secretariat. Established by the United Kingdom in 1997, the fund has a total of Rs 40 million at present.

A total of 584 children suffering from cancer received treatment last year while 45 new patients also availed of treatment. The oncology ward being operated in the hospital has a total of 26 beds. Minister Thapa said donations to such funds would inspire others to follow suit and such donation practice should be exercised in other sectors, too.

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